Rocky Mountains Ayre Inc. (RMTN) is the first public company in the crypto space to release a fully working version of an Artificial intelligence agent for managing crypto assets funds.

Rocky Mountain Ayre Inc and Ocubicle Inc are collaborating strategically to provide Kairos, sharing both physical and intellectual resources in order to achieve success on this first of its kind AI block-chain asset management fund project.

Ocubicle provides the technology and AI expertise while Rocky Mountain Ayre Inc brings in a wealth of experience of both the financial market and investments fund as a whole. The collective experience of members of the Kairos team on Artificial intelligence and the financial markets is over 35 years.

How it works

The Kairos Team comprising of 2 main entities; Rocky Mountain Ayre Inc. (RMTN) and Ocubicle Inc are initially offering 15m Kairos tokens at a crowdsale for $10 per token with the aim of raising $150 million from accredited investors who are interested in investing in the first of its kind crypto asset fund that is completely driven and managed using artificial intelligence / Machine learning. Funds will be invested in a diversified pool of digital currencies and assets that have shown great potentials and are expected to experience rapid growth in the near future.

For full details of the Kairos investment strategy, please see section 3.2.0 in the white paper.

The token is a representation of the stake each investor has in the fund. Return on investment is split into 2 equal parts. One part is shared as dividends to investors every quarter based on the amount of tokens owned. Dividends are paid in Ethereum( ETH or BTC) depending on investors preference.

The other half of the returns is spread across the total tokens in supply. This is expected to continually increase the Net Asset Value of the investor held tokens. The Net Asset Value of the token is calculated in realtime and always displayed on the investor's dashboard.

In line with the U.S Securities and Exchange commission Rule 506 of Regulation D, Investors need to be aware that the tokens purchased cannot be sold for at least a year.

However after the first year, investors would be able to sell their tokens at the open exchanges anytime they wish. The Kairos fund would also open a buy-back window every quarter for investors that want to trade-in their tokens at the current Net Asset Value.

Kairos AI Crypto Asset management fund VS Traditional crypto management fund.

  • Information gathering and Asset outlook is completely done by AI agents.
  • Market statistical analysis is done by artificial intelligent agents.
  • Optimum Market entry and exit points as well as investment size are recommended by the AI agent based on results from its market analysis.
  • Market exit strategy is developed by the AI agent to mitigate loss in the event of an unforeseen market crisis.

Top features:

  • Excellent Risk management powered by Artificial intelligence in a highly volatile crypto market.
  • AI-enhanced assets fund management completely outperforms traditional human based assets funds managements.
  • AI managed assets are known to still bring in returns in bad times.
  • AI knows the crypto markets like humans do, but always delivers better results than human can ever do.
  • Kairos is an AI agent that has been trained to maximize the profit making potentials available from the highly volatile crypto currency markets.
  • Giving investors a diversified portfolio of best crypto assets in a single fund.

Kairos investment Objectives:

  • Security of investments:

Our number 1 priority is to ensure security of all invested funds. The vast majority of digital assets are permanently stored in multi-sig protected cold wallets (offline), so you can enjoy the safety of physical bank vaults.

  • Absolute Privacy for investors:

All funds are invested privately over the block-chain and we ensure it remains so.

  • Profitability:

One of our top priorities is to ensure returns on investors’ funds by consistently growing the NAV of the Karios tokens. Volatile as the industry may be, the introduction of an artificial intelligent agent that understands the market so well makes the environment more conducive for better profitability.


Investment Bonus ( During crowdsale only).

Investment Size (ETH) Equiv. (USD) Bonus
Above 5,000 Above 1 million 5%
500.005 - 5,000 100,001 - 1$m 3%
250.005 - 500 50,001 - 100,000 1.5%
50.005 - 250 10,001 - 50,000 0.5%
Less than 250 Less than 10,000 Nil

P.S: Same bonus is applicable to Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits as well

Early participation bonus

Kairos is offering 15 million tokens for sale at $10 per token, payable with its BTC or ETH equivalence. Sales of the token will be ongoing for 4 weeks or as soon as the 15 million tokens sell out {whichever comes first}.

To encourage early investment bonuses will be given to participate early. The schedules for the bonuses are below:

Week 1: 5% bonus on tokens purchased.

Week 2: 2.5 % bonus on tokens purchased

Week 3: 1% bonus on tokens purchased

Week 4: 0% bonus on tokens purchased.