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Essay Types: Third Part

Crucible essay

Essay Types: Third PartThere are many ways for you to write a Crucible essay. Because of the great importance of this literary work in education curriculum, it is possible that you will be composing such an article based on how clearly you understood the story line. A good essay with lots o information on how you feel about a topic can be written based on your experience. Therefore, let us tackle one by one what possible discussion genres you could use.

A Crucible essay should mainly reflect the topics involved in The Crucible. This play by Arthur Miller is one of the favorite choices of professors to discuss about. Because of the intensity of the story lines that provokes the thoughts of an outgoing century, the mysteries involved in the story are very interesting. Therefore you may simply write an essay assignment that deals mainly on your reflection about the literary piece. Did it make you feel good, sad, amazed or intrigued?

Another possible idea in writing a Crucible essay is by integrating your knowledge in the other sectors of our existence. For example, you may write a sociology essay which will tackle the major differences and similarities of our generation to that in the play. You may simplify it further by comparing the events to some specified nations just like in writing a Spanish essay, French article or American compositions.

One more aspect that you may tackle in your Crucible essay is the presentation of characters. You can also highlight Miller’s approach in presenting his characters through a well researched persona factor analysis. Your university essay of this type will greatly influence how the succeeding readers and observers of the play will accept the literary masterpiece.

Political Essay – Writing about Politics

Even if you are not really into politics and that you despise our politicians, you still need to write a political essay. Some college courses require their students to write such an article to harness their abilities to express their feelings about a social issue. To write essay can easily help you understand more of the current events in politics since you also need to do researching.

So what are the topics that I can write about?

A political essay should not have any limitations. In fact, you may use a sample essay that projects the opinion of the author towards a particular subject. In this manner, you can easily understand how you can integrate your feelings and your mindset when it comes to political discussions.

Another good subject that you can discuss about is your preference of a political candidate. You see, it is very important to integrate your thoughts about political figures and create a synthesis essay that exposes the traits that you like about each of them.

It is also possible to write a political essay based solely on your observation. A student essay  may be written that naturally provides you the opportunity to present what you see in the world of politics and whether if we really need leaders that are too “political” in gathering the sentiments of the public. Sometimes, a scholarship essay may also require you to present your opinion about such areas of discussions especially if you are going to enter a law school.

Writing your political essay should not be too troublesome. All you need to do is to select a topic interest based on how you feel with regards to political issues.

Argumentative Essay – Opinion and Discussions

When we say argumentative essay, it only means one thing–to express your sentiment about a definite topic. This is simply one of the many essay types that you will write in school. To argue does not necessarily mean to quarrel with another person or with your readers. Your main objective in writing such type of an article is to present what you think about a subject matter.

How can I impose an argument in different types of essays?

There are simple tips that I can share with you. Let us tackle some of the most common essay types in schools and see whether we can integrate in them the point of arguing.

  • Nursing Assignment Essay – here you may talk about the subjects that involve the use of certain drugs. You may argue about the implications of medicines whether they can actually help patients health wise or economically.
  • Othello essay – in this aspect, you may write an argumentative essay that expresses your thoughts about the novel. You may even compare the title to Romeo and Juliet or to Macbeth. Of course, your opinion counts since you must have a good opinion based on how you perceive the three novels separately.
  • Photo Essay – You may provide an argument whether one image is better than the other. You may express your feelings about the aspects of color, contrast and significance of one image compared to another photo.

An argumentative essay also has some key descriptive of a persuasive essay. Technically, you are presenting your side of opinion about the topic while at the same time; you intend to persuade your readers that your opinions are correct and true. However, before you take this into account, you must at least employ the methods used in writing a research essay so that you can fully support your claims.